Aluminium Composite Panel Interior Cladding  

Cladding is basically a typical metal curtain wall system. This system is constructed of light weight aluminium composite panels. Its applications include exterior cladding, column covers, in fill panels, fascias and canopies, clean rooms, interior walls and partition panels, equipment enclosures and beam wraps, trim and accents, soffits, parapets, louvers, sun shades and cornices.

We offer aluminum composite panel cladding that is largely used in offices, factories, shopping malls, hospitals etc. High quality aluminium is used in making of such panels, which we obtain them from Alucobond, Aludecor, Alomax and other branded organizations. As per the demands of our clients, we also fabricate ACP cladding and comprise a sort of specialization in offering best services to our clients.

The aluminium composite panels are available in various thickness ranging from 1mm to 6mm or more, this thickness includes a varying thickness of top and bottom aluminium sheet with polyurethane (PE) board sandwiched between them. Which is the coated with either polyester or PVDF resin. Aluminium panels are used wall claddings due to its high durability and high strengths. These could be used as a cladding over an existing masonry curtain wall, with an grid work of aluminum sections as a bearing structure bolted to the wall, the composite panels are inserted and fastened onto the frame, and a silicon sealant is used to caulk the horizontal and vertical gaps. The same can be applied to soffit wall and column cladding. Aluminum composite panels available are factory installed into unitized frames and are used in unitized curtain walling systems in large-scale projects. Ensuring a high performance, flexible system for use as multi-storey curtain-wall.

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