We offer structural glazing that is largely used in, multiplexes, malls and shopping complexes, which have got high demand in the global markets. Structural glazing is fabricated with finest quality of aluminium, silicon sealant and brackets. Use of aluminum components in the process offers high strength and rigidity, which ensure that the frames remain stable under normal loads. This structural glazing system is basically designed to minimize the effect of solar radiation, accommodate structural deflections, control wind-driven rain and air leakage, and provides maintenance-free long-term performance. Our structural glazing can be customized as per the specification of the clients and expert instructions.

A pioneering architectural technique such as structural glassing owes its impact to a sophisticated blend of inspired optical effects and innovative façade technology. Cutting-edge technical solutions of this kind can only be realized if all the elements and products are used with the strictest of specifications and are installed with perfect workmanship. SAE’s glazing systems provide a perfect mirror smooth finish
Light weight, intensity is high, easy to maintain, cut bend, arch and install.
Unitized structural glazing with Double/ Single Glasses.
Semi-unitized structural glazing with Double/ Single Glasses.

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