Glass has replaced traditional materials such as wood or plastic for door and partitioning elements in modern buildings, in particular in offices, but also in the construction of private homes. Glass is used as a design element under new prerequisites as functional and technological aspects increase in significance.

For example, glass fittings are increasingly and consciously accentuated as high-quality design versions meaning that the glass/fittings mix of technologies demands great variety. We offers a wide range of solutions for functional, optically outstanding and extremely durable sliding door systems. These enable considerable design freedom and planning flexibility. With a track height of only 63mm this makes for a very appealing low profile head fix sliding door solution. All of the operational running gear has been integrated out of sight within the track section.
All that is seen is the natural anodised 63mm profile.We are confident that we can meet the expectations of our valuable customers

This system can be fixed to a ceiling, bulkhead or a wall and can be designed to accommodate side panels or multiple doors


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