Make room border is easy, give it partition, but imagine; How full your house with partition? It will crowd, isn't it? So, how to make border without fulfill our home with partition? Give illusion border, so every room has own territory. How to make it?

If you have never seen plantation shutter screen dividers then you probably don't know what they are. They are floor to ceiling dividers with adjustable louvers which allow you to adjust the airflow that reaches the area they protect. These louvered partitions are usually freestanding but can be found in sliding varieties from building and home supply retailers around the country like Lowes and Home Depot as well as some department stores like Wal-Mart.

There are many different styles of plantation shutter screen dividers to choose from. The Screen Gems Plantation Room Divider is only one of those styles. It is finished on both side of the hardwood structure in a deep oak finish. It is lightweight and a tri-fold style that allows you to easily move it form one area to another. It measures 84 x 72 from walmart.com. It is an expensive divider with prices starting at $799.00. This portable version of plantation dividers can be used anywhere in the interior of your home. Another rather pricey room divider is the Solid Hardwood Room Divider in Dark Oak Finish with Three Shutter Panels from ivgstores.com. It costs $636.82 and measures 72 x 84 that offers you a heavy duty screen for any need you may have.

Prices of plantation shutter screen dividers will vary greatly depending on the options you choose as well as their size. For instance the Classic Venetian Shutter Screen from stacksandstacks.com comes in dark brown or white finishes. They have adjustable blinds with bi-fold hinges. They are made of plantation hardwood and measure 72 x 54 and cost $395.00. They are contemporary in style yet provide a modern look for any room in your home.

There are a lot of different ideas for the use of plantation shutter screen dividers but the best use is for privacy. Many of these shutters are portable so they can be used anywhere or used for the replacement of a door. The Clayton 5-Panel Shutter Room Divider has working louvers and has a solid wood frame. It measures 68 x90 for extra wide areas. It can be found at homedecorators.com between $129.00 and $189.00. Or the Tranquility Wooden Shutter Screen Room Divider from iroomdividers.com also features adjustable blinds on each panel of durable basswood with 2-way hinges for folding in either direction. It is available for $109.98.

The most popular are the plantation shutter screen dividers like the Natural Scandinavian Spruce Shutter Style Privacy Screen from roomdividerstore.com. Each panel measures 69.5 x 17.5. They are portable and made from durable spruce wood. They cost $130.05. The options and variety that room dividers are available in makes the perfect for any room in your home or any need you may have. They are contemporary in style with their sleek designs and can be decorative in nature. Remember to set down a budget because some can be rather costly.


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