Aluminium Louver  
Aluminum louvers are found in many different areas. When ventilation is needed for a space that does not receive easy air flow, an aluminum window louvers is often used to facilitate easy movement of air. Some louvers are made to provide a decorative enhancement to a location. Other louvers are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions and protect equipment from damage.Aluminium Louvers are used to enhance the appearance of a building's exterior, enliven large interior walls or add character to a gateway or doorway apart from regulating the temperature inside a room...

Louvers that have been designed specifically for architectural or decorative purposes do not have mobile slats. These aluminum window louvers are often found as part of abstract or modern building designs and cover entryways or irregularities in the buildings design. Many architects incorporate aluminum louvers into the design of their buildings to add texture and depth to the design.

Many of these louvers are made to be used with an exhaust fan. The fan is controlled by a thermostat that is temperature controlled. When the fan comes on the blades open to release hot air from the attic. This system does not require any extra effort on the part of the homeowner once it is installed. And, the temperature in the home is much cooler on hot summer days.

Louvers are often used to protect equipment and machinery. They are also used to provide doors to enclosures such as lockers. These stamped louvers are made of a heavy duty aluminum that has been run through a press with the vents stamped into them. The vents are not mobile and their width is set for the types of equipment they are protecting. When a person installs the louvers, they are protecting their equipment from the elements, but also allowing a continuous flow of air to circulate around the equipment and protect any parts that may be heat sensitive.

Heavy duty louvers are often made using a reinforcing metal that is either combined with the aluminum or attached to the aluminum prior to pressing. These exterior louvers are often found on heavy duty equipment in areas where there is severe weather conditions. The exterior louvers may be used on oil rigs or trucks that are driving through rough terrain. The louvers are made to deflect any debris, mud, or object that may hit the object it is protecting. However, the equipment within the louvers receives consistent and continual air flow.

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